The streets Ruby


Name : Ruby Houwer

What do you do for a living? : Allround backoffice at Skins Cosmetics

Future dream: Travelling the world, starting a surf-hut on the beach somewhere in Mexico or some tropical Island.

How would you describe you style? It depends. Mostly boyish and all black, but sometimes a girly dress. As long as it's topped of with a lot of jewelry.

Who do you have an style-crush on, and why?

Even though it's pretty standard I'd have to say Erin Wasson. But ofcourse also my sister Romy Houwer. 

If you would set a crazy new trend, what would it be?

Living a topless life. With a lot of little necklaces ofcourse. How cool, fun and pretty that will be and if it wouldn't be seen as naked or weird. 

What's your favourite midnight munchie? 

Bugles with cheese mmm.. oh and pizza ofcourse, cold please.

How do you think your friends would describe you?

Spacey and shy. Not that I really am.. So I don't know why. And maybe as a bit energetic.

What music do you currently listen to?

Deptford Goth, on repeat. got it from my crush. 

If you could re-name yourself with a fantasy rockstar name, what would it be?

Ruby Wax.

Who would you love to share a tent with in the middle of nowhere under the stars?

Bradly Coopers girlfriend, ehm what's her name again? or do I need to pick a boy? Well, whatever girlcrush will do. 

What 5 things can't you live without?

- Sex

- My cats, Charley and Bo ( and ofcourse Bink, Sok, Lola and Ben.)

- Good music combined with incense. 

- Being surrounded by people I love.

- Dancing outdoors

- Picknicking. 

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